Raw Material
raw_material3.jpgWe use responsible forest timber with sustainable and verified processing. There are two kinds of wood we used mainly, Teakwood and Acacia. All timbers are kiln dried in such level of humidity to ensure their quality. Teak are kiln dried at maximum 15% in the kiln dry chamber for about 2 weeks while Acacia are kiln dries at maximum 25% for about 4 weeks.


Teak is easily processed and has natural oil that makes it suitable for use in exposed locations. It is durable even without finishing treatment such as oil or vanish. Teak that is cut from old trees grows slowly in natural forest is more durable and harder while teak from young tress grown in plantations is more prone to splitting and more vulnerable to water damage. However, kiln drying allows sustainable, plantation grown teak to perform nearly on par with old growth teak.
Teak is also considered as hardwood with the basic color white yellowiest.



Acacia, also considered as hardwood, can be used as a substitution of teak. The basic color of Acacia is yellow. It is very difficult to lower the moisture level of acacia even after it is dried for more than 3 weeks. However we should not recommend this timber to customer considering high level of humidity that may cause us problem at the end.