Sustainable Business Comitment
gardenset.jpg In addition to their durability and quality, our lawn tables and chairs, benches, loungers, table sets and their accessories have another distinctive particularity. They’re creating new income opportunities for village communities while promoting forest certification. As a furniture producer of both indoor and outdoor products serving the export market to, we are committed to produce eco-friendly furniture that applies the “green” concept, using teak made from responsibly sourced materials.

Step by step, we are strengthening our green credentials. A member of the WWF Global Forest and Trade Network and the Tropical Forest Trust, we are currently being assessed to receive the VLO/COC (Verified of Legal Origin/Chain of Custody) certification.

Our commitment to provide sustainable products is manifested through a range of products that offer natural design, high quality, and maximum comfort. We have also taken concrete steps in reducing energy consumption and in waste management. Now we are making sure that these practices are benefiting our partners, and we actively participate in educational programs on the impacts of climate change, both internally within the company and for suppliers.

hutan_jati.jpg Beyond simply providing employment to the surrounding community, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program has set ambitious goals to create steady revenue for local cooperatives and villagers. In 2007, we made an agreement with a local community to source exclusively from their teak plantation in the future. Having given them the seedlings, we also regularly provide them with wood dust from our factory as fertilizer. While we wait for the teak to mature, the community is already busy growing ginger and other crops in the plantation to begin generating some income. The target is to have grown a few hundred thousand trees by 2009.

Our social engagement aims to yield positive results in improving livelihoods, saving forests, as well as securing a sustainable teak supply for wood-based industries in the future. These sustainable practices have strengthened our commitment to constantly provide eco-friendly products for a safer and more livable Earth.