Rimba Sentosa, is a furniture producer of both in-door and outdoor products such as lawn tables and chairs, benches, loungers, table sets and their accessories, that is fully serving the export market to several European countries and China. We are committed to produce eco-friendly furniture that applies the "green" concept that is made of teak from responsibly sourced materials. As a sustainable furniture producer, we prioritize the use of wood from local forests where the planting process is responsibly managed. We furthermore participate by joining a forest conservation movement and established membership of Nusa Hijau, a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) group in Indonesia. Rimba Sentosa has met the standards of WWF and Tropical Forest Trust (TFT) and the VLO/COC (Verified of Legal Origin/Chain of Custody) certification from PT. TUV International Indonesia Certifies, and also Rimba Sentosa has met the standards of The Timber Legality Verification System or SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu)

We accomplish ourgardenset3.jpg commitment to provide sustainable products through a range of products that offer natural design, high quality, and maximum comfort. The principles of efficient wood utilization and use of other eco-friendly materials are emphasized in our production process. We have taken concrete steps in reducing energy consumption and in waste management. As part of the sustainable practices importance campaign we have actively participated in educational programs on the impacts of climate change, both internally within the company and for suppliers.

As one of our commitment in green environment, we have a deep concern about global warming as well. Global warming is and will be a main issue in our world. One way to prevent the earth from its increasing temperature is to reforest our land. Concerning about this matter, Rimba Sentosa has performed the reforest program. Rimba Sentosa committed to plant tens of thousands to millions of trees and care about this trees for the forest between Wonogiri and Sukoharjo continuously to prevent global warming and the decline in Indonesian forest. Hopefully, this act will be followed by other company to keep our mother earth green and our environment inhabitable.

These sustainable practices have strengthened our commitment to constantly provide eco-friendly products for a safer and more livable Earth. "Green Product will bring us to Green Planet".

CV Rimba Sentosa

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Jl. Kalimalang Raya No. 86 G, Jaka Sampurna, Bekasi Barat, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia -17145-
Phone / Fax : (+6221) 228 44 802

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Desa Lorog, Kecamatan Tawangsari
Kabupaten Sukoharjo, Solo Raya,
Indonesia 57561
Phone : (+62 272)
881 129
Fax     : (+62 272)
881 190

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it